Propeller Commits to Hiring Locally First

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Propeller Commits to Hiring Locally First

Propeller Commits to Hiring Locally First

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Propeller Airports, Inc. today announced its commitment to Gwinnett County to hire as many local employees as possible. If the County decides to move forward with the privatization and commercialization of Briscoe Field and should Propeller be the successful candidate, its objective would be to try and fill jobs locally. Airports require many people with a variety of skill sets in order to operate successfully. Gwinnett County is in no short supply of such workers.

“If Briscoe Field is permitted to be redeveloped and its use realigned, the people of Gwinnett County should benefit first.”

Some of the positions that will be required include IT professionals, customer service agents, building and construction personnel, ground and ramp technicians, operations specialists, airfield maintenance and security staff, as well as business development, sales and administrative staff.

Brett Smith, Propeller’s CEO stated, “with close to 10.1% unemployment throughout Georgia and over 35,000 people searching for jobs right here in Gwinnett, there is certainly no shortage of qualified, quality people that would like nothing more than to get back to work.”

Based on the economic impact and job creation statistics reported from hundreds of airports worldwide, Propeller firmly believes that the opportunity to put people back to work and create value is significant and will make a substantial difference for the County in these times of economic hardship. Mr. Smith further stated “If Briscoe Field is permitted to be redeveloped and its use realigned, the people of Gwinnett County should benefit first.”

Currently Propeller is hiring on a limited basis, however resumes are being collected and can be submitted to [email protected] in anticipation of the County leadership moving forward with this historic economic development project.

About Propeller Airports (www.flybriscoe.com)

Propeller Airports pursues opportunities to acquire airports in the US and abroad. Our investment strategy involves privatizing airports, improving landside and airside facilities, expanding/returning commercial passenger aviation to the airports, revitalizing hangars to attract additional general aviation assets and developing ancillary and surrounding property for commercial use.

About Propeller Investments (www.propellerinvestments.com)

Propeller is a private equity firm focused on pursuing opportunities in the Aerospace & Transportation sectors. Using an experienced based methodology to identify and understand emerging investment opportunities is Propeller's core competency. Our team has extensive overlapping operating and investment knowledge and understanding in the global aerospace and transportation industry which allows us to provide unique insight that enhances the investment decision-making process.

The Propeller team of proven professionals takes a proactive approach to finding driven entrepreneurs and compelling businesses that have the potential to create substantial returns. We take a value-added approach to investing in infrastructure, concept leading operating companies with definitive and industry leading concepts as well as service and concession ventures in our core market sector.

Propeller's executive offices are located in New York with offices in Dublin and Atlanta.

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