California Capital Airshow Pays Homage to 9/11

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California Capital Airshow Pays Homage to 9/11

California Capital Airshow Pays Homage to 9/11

--(BUSINESS WIRE)--California Capital Airshow:


On Sunday, September 11, Airshow attendees will be witness to a heartfelt and moving tribute, honoring all of the heroes and innocent victims that gave their lives, responded without question and sacrificed everything on that tragic day, September 11, 2001.


The Airshow’s special tribute will begin with a memorial flower drop, one of the largest ever seen. The U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Sacramento will proudly fly a C-130 Hercules, along the entire length of the runway at Mather Airport, (one of the longest runways in the western United States) filled with colorful flowers, generously sponsored by local florists, Jim Relles of Relles Florist and Allan Nishita of Flora Fresh, as well as host of other floral suppliers from as far as South America, to be dropped along the mile-long crowd line.

The Airshow narrator will share a few important words accompanied to music that will leave the crowd breathless. Petals will gently fall to the ground providing several minutes of silence in honor of those who are no longer standing by our sides.

The Airshow’s special tribute will conclude with a Missing Man formation, which is an aerial salute performed as part of a flyover of aircraft at a memorial event, typically in memory of those fallen. The formation most commonly used in the United States is based on the "finger-four" aircraft combat formation composed of two two-aircraft elements. The aircraft fly in a V-shape with the flight leader at the point and his wingman on his left. The second element leader and his wingman fly to his right. The formation flies over the ceremony low enough to be clearly seen and the element leader abruptly pulls up out of the formation while the rest of the formation continues in level flight until all aircraft are out of sight. The aircraft performing the pull-up, split off, or missing from the formation, represents the fact that the person (or persons) being honored has died.


The Airshow’s Missing Man formation flight will be unique as it will feature WWII fighter aircraft (warbirds) rarely seen together, carving a distinctive pattern through the sky, and flown by four of the finest and most highly-regarded pilots in the flying industry, led by Steve Hinton. The music, choreography and narration will be emotional, moving and unforgettable. Attendees will literally feel the rumble in their chests as these priceless warbirds roar by.



The 9/11 Tribute will conclude the Show on Sunday


California Capital Airshow

Mather Airport

**Attendees will need to buy an Airshow ticket in order to witness the memorial within the Airshow gates. For additional information about the Airshow, tickets, performers, etc., please visit www.californiacapitalairshow.com.

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